The Most Comprehensive and Customizable Hiring Assessment Solution.

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Skills Tests 

eSkill's skills tests help you identify candidates who have the right knoweldge and experince to do the job well, and assess internal training needs. Select from over 800 standard job based and Subject-based tests, configure tests frouk our content, or upload your won questions to create the most bespoke and precise tests for hiriring and traning.  


Why would you leave it to chance?


To be totally confident that a candidate does have the abilities that you need; an eSkill test is proven to be the most dependable way to ensure that you can reach the right conclusion.


From groundbreaking Simulations to Voice & Video Interviewing, Classic, or even create your custom questions. eSkill has every option for you to assess candidates in precisely the way you want for every role.


For every size, every organisation and every budget make Competently your assessment partner.

Comprehensive, Rapid, Effective, Affordable.



Understanding the
requirements for the job on an employee’s starting day is step one. Thereafter the requirement needs to be alligned with the goals of the organization. Finally, determining what workers need to do at each level, and what training they will need. 



Our application together with our expertise assists hiring and training managers
configure tests from our extensive subject library to
match their hiring and training needs, and reduce the
risk of hiring failures and discrimination litigation.



Skills assessment can help companies hire smarter by testing applicants on the actual skills and abilities they
need to succeed on the job. The recruiting process can be streamlined to narrow down the applicants who prove they have the required skills.

Why us?
Most accurate pre-employment tests for selection and skills gap assessments so that you can minimize your risk, cost, and lost opportunities.

Largest assessment catalog plus video interviewing on the market.

Combined skill tests and video interviews into a seamless candidate experience.

Customizable and flexible assessments that fit your business.

Dedicated Assessment Expert assigned to every client.


The team helping you strategically implement the right technological solution into your business.


Our vision is to streamline organisations' recruitment processes, together with adding quick, accurate, and valuable information to compliment the decision making process. Today, eSkill has expanded globally, and beyond hard skills assessment into cognitive aptitudes, video interviewing and much more. We remain committed to serving the most complete and effective employee assessment products in the world.


Our dynamic team has over 20 years recruitment and consulting experience, together with more than 5 years within psychometric and non-psychometric assessment design and development. Job-customizable tests are more accurate, thorough, and compliant predictors of employee success than ‘canned’ tests. eSkill job-customized tests are also more engaging and informative about the role, versus lengthy, irrelevant tests that drive away talented people.


Together with our technology partners we have developed various solutions which can stand alone or be integrated into your organisation's talent management systems. We thus provide organizations with a web-based skill-testing service. Specifically, the eSkill application lets hiring and training managers configure tests from our extensive subject library to match their hiring and training needs and reduce the risk of hiring failures and discrimination litigation.

Our end goals are to have the right people in the right jobs at the right time!





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